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Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Front Yard: 2/26/15

I'm alive.  Finally.  I felt SO much better on Thursday.  Even ate a bit of dinner with the fam.  Then I woke up early Friday morning feeling like I was going to die again.  I spent another entire day in bed.  All in all, I pretty much lost a whole week.  And now I'm playing catch up.  With everything.  Emails, blog reading, blog writing, laundry, the disaster inside of my house, the groceries inside my fridge that are rotting away, etc.  I've never been so sick in all my life.

Anyway, Saturday, I woke up feeling like I was finally back to normal.  So what did I do?  Spent the whole day spreading compost throughout the entire yard.  Front, back, side, parking strip.  Ya know, 'cause takin' it slow just ain't in my vocabulary.  I thought for sure I'd wake up this morning feeling like I was run over by a train, but I actually felt pretty darn good.  In fact, I made a run to Joy Creek Nursery, to reward myself for all my hard work.  :)

Wanna know what I bought?  Two Clematis.  Oshikiri and Belle of Woking.  Eeeee.  I can't wait to see them bloom.  I also bought a plant from a neighbor who is having to move unexpectedly.  It's a pink current.  As in, the fruit is pink.  I'm pretty gosh darned excited about that one, too.  It's called Ribes rubrum, 'Gloire des Sablons'.

On Thursday, during one of my, I-feel-better, moments, I popped out front with my camera.  

I planted some new bulbs in the fall, that I picked up from Winco, and I was excited to see the first of them blooming.  How cute are these tiny iris?!  There was one yellow, but he became a slug's lunch. I may have cussed a tiny bit.

Speaking of slugs, this Hellebores is taking a beating.
This is a baby off one of my mom's plants.
It's only a couple years old.

I lifted up one of the flowers to take a picture and found this.

He died.

The mini daffodils are so stinkin' cute I can hardly stand it
They're all bloomin' solid right now.

My Daphne is solid flowers, too, and smells sooooo good.
I have it right by the front steps.

In the same bed is a Euphorbia that I bought 'cause The Dad likes them.
I think it smells like cat pee.

Another baby off that same Hellebores.  
For whatever reason, this one is more white.

A garden turtle.

The Lungwort is just barely starting to bloom.

I got a free, you-dig, tree off our neighborhood Facebook page.
She said it's a variegated maple, but didn't know the name.
I said, I'll take it!  
I'm so excited to see the first leaves unfurl.
I put it in a pot, since I'm not sure how big it'll get.  
I'm assuming it's a Japanese maple, but still, there's such a variance in size.
Maybe I'll get lucky and the leaves will make it easy to identify.

One of my happy primroses that comes back every year.

Maddie's tree.
Everyone in the family has a potted tree.
My mom got this on their last trip to the Rock Farm with her last month, when they stopped to let her out to pee.
So now, it's officially Maddie's tree.

Hyacinths, peeking out.

And last, the Forsythia is putting on its annual show.
It's so dang pretty.

So I think that's it for now.
Spring has sprung, let the excessive photo taking begin.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Backyard: 2/25/15

Oh my gosh you guys, The Kid and I have been sooooo sick.  He started throwing up Monday night at dinner time.  I woke up at 2:30 in the morning so nauseous I could hardly breathe.  We continued to tag team the bathroom all day on Tuesday.  When we weren't throwing up, we were sleeping in my bed.  I can't ever remember being so sick that that I couldn't even open my eyes. All I could do was sleep.  And puke.

Yesterday, I woke up thinking I felt better.  Not so much.  I never threw up, but everything hurt so bad for most of the day, that I could hardly stand it.  I'd think I was doing better, then I'd stand up and try to accomplish something, and my body would remind me, quite quickly, that it wasn't ready.  The Kid stayed home from school again, but felt okay once afternoon hit.  We all went to bed with high hopes for this morning.  Again, not so much.  The Kid started throwing up again in the night.  He threw up again about a half hour ago and is moaning in my bed as I type.  I still have horrible lower back pain, a dizzy head, and a gut-wrenching stomach ache.  I'll call the doctor once The Girl is off to school, just for peace of mind.

Anyway, during one of my, I-have-to-get-out-of-this-bed, moments yesterday, I went out back with my camera.  The day before we put Maddie to sleep, I had spent nearly the entire day out front, doing my first cleanup of the season.  The plan was to move to the backyard the next day, but clearly that didn't happen.  I hadn't had any kind of motivation to work out there since, but my girlfriend brought me a Hellebore to plant in memory of our girl, and I wanted to make the yard look worthy of it.  So I spent all day on Sunday out there.  There's still work to be done, but it looks so. much. better.

The cute little daffodils are up and blooming, the big ones have buds, the perennials are poking up out of the ground, the hardy fuchsias are putting out green, the evergreen shrubs have new growth.  The photos above are of one of my blueberry bushes.  It's officially spring.

This is my golden bleeding heart.
I love this plant.

My gigantic Hellebore, that I've had for years.
It was a baby off one of my mom's plants.
Every year it amazes me with its size and the number of flowers.

And last, my new baby for Maddie girl.
I love the leaves on this one.  And it almost acts like some of the flowers might be upright.
Love, love, love.
It was a perfect gift and I'm anxious to get it in the ground. 

You would not believe the shape this house is in after having The Mom in bed for two days.
It's seriously a train wreck.
I can't stand it.
I'm bound and determined to push through this nasty sickness and get some stuff done around here today.
That's the plan, anyway.

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