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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Apple Slab Pie with Maple Icing

I have a sweet treat for you today.  I made this for dessert the night we did the progressive dinner with friends.  I don't generally try out new recipes on people other than family, but I figured there was no way it could suck too bad.  I mean, it's apple pie with maple syrup icing on top.

I got the recipe here:

Now let me give you a few quick notes:

1.  Definitely read through the comments on the post.  There are several different variations brought up.
2.  I used Special K with Strawberries (minus the strawberries) in place of the cornflakes.
3.  I made my own crust.  Before you judge me as an overachiever, it's only the second time I've ever made crust from scratch.  I think I was 19 or 20 the first time.  I was totally planning on using store-bought, but then I got too lazy to run to the store.  I found a super easy recipe that uses a stand mixer.  It turned out amazing and there's no excuse for me to ever buy crust again.
4.  I didn't have any real maple syrup, so I used the sugar-laden, corn syrup crap.  I know, I know, but again, I would have had to go to the store.  I didn't use the total amount called for, 'cause I was afraid it would be too sweet, and instead cut it with a little milk.  It was yummy.
5.  And last, I used my super cute mini leaf cutters on some extra crust to decorate the top.

Here it is, hot out of the oven.

On goes the icing.

I didn't get any "on my plate" photos until the next day, and all the icing had soaked in.
Not a bad thing.

So easy and so delicious.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Third Week Of October In the Backyard

Just when you think there isn't anything new in the garden to photograph, a tiny little forgotten plant surprises you.

Remember how I said that Japanese Anemones prefer some sun to perform well?
Well, this is what happens when they're in full shade.

He's only about 10" tall, but blooming in spite of it.
It's growing up out of the pea gravel path.
It must be one that I moved several years ago, prior to the path being there, and didn't get all the roots.
So stinkin' cute.

Gah, I just love them.
Speaking of love, check out the colors on the blue hydrangea flowers now.

The Peegee flowers have turned, as well.

I feel like I've stuck a photo of this fuchsia in every backyard post, but it just keeps going and going.

Here's another one that's still goin'.

The 'Sunset' Clematis threw out a few random flowers.

The hops bloomed solid.
I've had bouquets of it in the house all month.

My potted Bald Cypress is gettin' ready to get naked.
The colors are so pretty.

A pretty rose bloom.



And last, an end of summer, clearance rack Penstemon called 'Polaris Purple.'

Shameless plug alert:  
Just a little reminder that you can purchase my floral photographs in my Etsy shop.
If you see one in a post that isn't in the shop, shoot me an email and I'd be more than happy to list it for ya.
The Dad will thank you for helping to support my plant addiction.

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